April 18, 2007


THE BOYS OF SUMMER: Who will rule NY this baseball season? (C.J. SULLIVAN & DAVE HOLLANDER, 4/18/07, NY Press)

SULLIVAN: I am going with the Mets owning NYC in 2007. They look so damn good playing baseball, and they look like they are having fun doing it. Watching Jose Reyes hit a triple and running the bases is seeing joy come to life. The Mets are now New York’s team. The city just doesn’t know it yet.

Across town, the chickens have come home to roost for the Yankees. Spoiled Yankee fans boo A-Rod even though he hits and hits for them. A-Rod is treated like some no-hit busher. The man is about to become the youngest player ever to reach 500 home runs and still Yankee fans hate him. They are like Prince’s mother: never satisfied. The fans in the Bronx lack class and patience.

The spoils of a fat and rich empire weigh down the Yankees. It has happened to them before and it is happening again. The whole world is against them. Steinbrenner is in his last days and the 4 train is about to go off the track. Jeter, Torre and the rest should get it while the getting is good. It’s about to get real ugly in the Bronx.

The Mets are on the ascent. They have it all, and they do it with a mix of youth and age—which is just beautiful to watch. New York’s Latin population is fast getting behind Los Mets, and it looks like the 7 train is the place to be this year.

Prediction: Mets make it to the World Series; Yankees don’t even make it to the playoffs. I never thought I would be writing that in 2007.

HOLLANDER: The Yankees are a bunch of nappy-headed hos! There, I said it.

...there's nothing quite like talking baseball with the Pinestripe patrol....

Posted by Orrin Judd at April 18, 2007 4:11 PM
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