April 11, 2007


In a switch, charters near Locke approved: The L.A. school board overturns an earlier vote and allows Green Dot to open new campuses (Joel Rubin, 4/11/07, LA Times)

After rejecting plans last month by a leading charter organization to reform one of the city's worst high schools, a bitterly divided Los Angeles Board of Education reversed itself Tuesday at a chaotic and heated meeting.

Board member Jon Lauritzen had joined two other board members to vote down a proposal by Green Dot Public Schools to open several new charter campuses near Locke High in South Los Angeles. On Tuesday, Lauritzen called for a reconsideration of that vote and succeeded in overturning that controversial — and potentially illegal — decision.

The March 29 rejection of Green Dot was widely thought to have violated state laws that spell out when a board can deny a charter application. In the days after the vote, Lauritzen, who is locked in a close run-off election race, and the other board members who opposed the idea, came under intense criticism by many who said they were obstructing reform at one of the district's schools that need it most.

It's one thing to serve the Union and shaft the kids, quite another to go to prison for it...

Posted by Orrin Judd at April 11, 2007 6:38 AM
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