April 2, 2007


Blow to Blair as western aid falls for first time in 10 years (Larry Elliott, April 3, 2007, The Guardian)

Aid from the west to tackle global poverty fell for the first time in a decade last year as the world's richest countries reneged on pledges to give an extra $50bn (£25bn) in financial assistance by 2010, figures out today will reveal.

The annual overview of aid from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development will show that despite a big increase in spending by the UK the developed world as a whole is off track to meet promises to poor nations made at the 2005 Gleneagles summit.

Figures from the Paris-based group will reveal that aid fell by 5.1% in 2006 to $103.9 billion - the first fall in real (inflation-adjusted) terms since 1997 and a severe blow to Tony Blair, who made a big push on aid one of the central themes of Britain's presidency of the G8 two years ago. [...]

According to the OECD, Britain, helped by the inclusion of debt relief, became the second largest aid donor in the world last year after the United States.

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