March 5, 2007


Seek work earlier, lone parents told (Matthew Tempest and agencies, March 5, 2007, Guardian Unlimited)

Single parents will be expected to look for work when their child reaches 12 - rather than the current age of 16 - under new government plans published today.

A long-awaited report into state welfare provision, by Sir David Freud, a City banker, was launched this morning by Tony Blair and the chancellor, Gordon Brown.

It proposes offering benefit claimants in-house care for three years after they find work but also calls for more private and voluntary sector involvement in getting people off benefits and into work, offering "bounty" payments for placing the long-term jobless in employment and making sure they stay in work.

And the report hints that the age limit could go lower than 12 in future years.

The 136-page document also states that creating a market in welfare providers will take at least six to eight years, but that lowering the age limit - which applies to the youngest child - to 12 should be delivered "as soon as is practicable".

So they've got the Clinton-Gingrich welfate-to-Work bit down, but the real Tories are needed for the Bush Marriage Initiative, Cameron vows to back marriage with tax breaks (JAMES CHAPMAN, 3/05/07, Daily Mail)
David Cameron launched an impassioned defence of marriage, saying that family breakdown is the chief cause of society's ills.

The Tory leader vowed to support marriage with tax breaks if he wins the next election and said children from single-parent families did worse at school and were involved in more crime.

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