March 16, 2007


Top powers agree on Iran nuke sanctions (EDITH M. LEDERER, 3/16/07, Chicago Sun-Times)

The world's major powers agreed Thursday on modest new sanctions against Iran for its refusal to freeze uranium enrichment, sending a strong signal that the U.N. Security Council will likely remain united in seeking to rein in Iran's nuclear ambitions.

The proposed new sanctions include a ban Iranian arms exports and financial restrictions against 28 additional individuals and organizations involved in the country's nuclear and missile programs -- about a third linked to Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard.

The governments of the five veto-wielding permanent council nations -- the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France -- and Germany signed off on the draft resolution and it was then presented to the 10 elected council members.

US and Iran: Squint-eyed double-dealing (Kaveh L Afrasiabi, 3/17/07, Asia Times)
"The US cannot have its cake and eat it too. It cannot expect cooperation from Iran on regional issues when it is doing everything possible to weaken Iran and to deprive Iran of much-needed peaceful nuclear technology," a Tehran University political scientist told the author recently. He added: "The US has now resorted to kidnapping Iranians, not only in Iraq but also in Turkey, with the help of the Israelis most likely, and yet expects to have a smooth meeting in Turkey with Iranian top officials when they meet next month."

Clearly this will not wash in the long run, and the administration of US President George W Bush must let the chips fall on one side or the other, instead of pursuing the current ambiguous dual track of detente and blatant hostility.

The duality of US policy is actually one of the first hopeful signs in our dealings with Iran, provided that it proceeds from a recognition that the Islamic Republic itself has a dual nature and that by dividing the anti-American hard-liners away from the conservative clerics and the reform-minded populace we can help the latter defeat the former.

Posted by Orrin Judd at March 16, 2007 8:07 AM
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