March 11, 2007


Back to School (JACQUES STEINBERG, 3/11/07, NY Times)

LATE last month the cast of the Disney Channel blockbuster "High School Musical" -- among the most-watched TV movies ever created for children and teenagers, and the most lucrative -- reunited here in southwest Utah at a golf resort surrounded by spectacular red sandstone cliffs.

They had come to begin rehearsing for "High School Musical 2," a sequel set at a country club during summer vacation and scheduled to have its premiere on the channel in August.

In conversations behind the locked front gate of the Entrada at Snow Canyon resort, which is serving as the movie's principal set, everyone involved acknowledged that the extraordinary popularity of the first movie -- it has earned a profit of $100 million, primarily through DVD and CD sales -- had raised huge expectations for the sequel.

"It's like 'High School Musical' on crack," said Lucas Grabeel, 22, who plays Ryan...

Just what Disney wants to hear.

Posted by Orrin Judd at March 11, 2007 7:22 AM
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