March 31, 2007


A mystery he isn't better known: John Harvey has long been the crime writers' crime writer. Now his new hero is also giving him the public recognition he deserves. (Marcel Berlins, 3/27/07, Times of London)

YOU'VE MADE IT AS A CRIME writer when the jackets of your novels proclaim your name in huge colourful capitals, while the titles of the books lurk modestly below. John Harvey has now reached that status, but there remains a mystery. Why has it taken so long? I know of no other crime writer who writes so well, has attracted such unanimously positive reviews, and been so respected by his fellow writers - yet failed to become the household name and bestselling author that he deserved to be.

Harvey has now further proof of the esteem in which he's held. The Crime Writers' Association has given him its most coveted award, the Cartier Diamond Dagger, for "sustained excellence" in the genre. He is chuffed. "The really nice thing about it is that it isn't based on one particular work," he says. "It's people who are aware of your work over a period of time. And when those people are other writers, it means a lot."

The Charlie Resnick series, which he stopped writing a couple years ago, is outstanding.

Posted by Orrin Judd at March 31, 2007 6:53 AM
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