February 26, 2007


AUDIO: The Sixteen perform Tavener, Tallis (Saint Paul Sunday, 4/09/06)

Music for Passiontide: This Sunday, the first following Ash Wednesday, Harry Christophers will lead the Sixteen in a program of polyphonic Renaissance music for which the British ensemble is beloved the world over: haunting choral works of Thomas Tallis, William Byrd, Antonio Lotti, and Tomas Luis de Victoria. All are rooted in Passiontide and anchored by one of the most beloved of all Renaissance choral works--Gregorio Allegri's soaring Miserere. A young Mozart first transcribed the Miserere by ear after hearing it sung inside the Vatican, which at the time closely guarded the music as its sole property and, with Mozart, knew it to be a timeless musical treasure. [...]


* Antonio Lotti: Crucifixus a 8 (text from the Creed)
* Thomas Tallis: In ieunio et fletu (In Fasting and Weeping)
* Thomas Tallis: If ye love me
* Thomas Tallis: Salvator mundi (Antiphon for Good Friday)
* Gregorio Allegri: Miserere (Psalm 51 - Ash Wednesday)
* Thomas Tallis: Suscipe quaeso
* Tomas Luis de Victoria: O vos omnes (Responsory at Matins for Holy Saturday)
* William Byrd: Ave verum corpus (Passiontide)
* Tomas de Victoria (Vere languores)
* John Tavener: Hymn to the Mother of God

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