January 10, 2007


Maybe Israel should bust Iran's bunkers: The alternative could be a nuclear Iran that destabilizes the Middle East and sets off a well-armed Israel. (Zev Chafets, January 10, 2007, LA Times)

LAST WEEKEND, the Sunday Times of London reported that Israel is preparing a strike on the Iranian nuclear program at several bases scattered throughout the country. The paper claimed that the attack would be carried out with tactical nuclear "bunker busters" supplied by the United States.

Israel quickly denied the Times' report. But the story, which may be wrong in its details, has a certain truthiness. Israel is certainly thinking about how to stop Tehran from getting its hands on nukes.

And why wouldn't it? Given the evident failure of American diplomacy and U.N. sanctions, Israel has two basic choices. It can sit and wait, hoping the Iranians do not drop a bomb on Tel Aviv; or it can preemptively attack, hoping to destroy, or at least retard, the Iranians' nuclear capacity.

One of the things that makes Israel a perfect ally is that they not only have nukes but no one doubts they'd use them.

Posted by Orrin Judd at January 10, 2007 8:58 AM
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