December 18, 2006


Memo reveals Labour doubts over 'foisting' Brown on to electorate (GERRI PEEV, 12/18/06,

AN INTERNAL memo believed to have been drawn up by senior advisers to Tony Blair shows how the Prime Minister's inner circle openly contemplated ditching Gordon Brown as his successor in favour of a "next generation" candidate.

The document - which Downing Street yesterday denied it had any connection with - spells out Labour's doubts over foisting an "unpopular" prime minister on the public without an election. [...]

The memo continued that the problem was more entrenched than simply a "mid-term setback" and the Conservatives were ahead on key areas of immigration, tax and crime. Labour was also seen as riven and the Iraq war and mismanagement of the NHS were putting off voters.

"People who voted Labour in 2005 are on their way across [to the Tories]. Compounding this is an erosion in Gordon Brown's position against David Cameron."

As Blair was Thatcher's natural successor, so is Cameron Blair's.

Posted by Orrin Judd at December 18, 2006 8:11 AM
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