November 1, 2006


Vital gains forecast for SNP in swing from Labour (HAMISH MACDONELL, 11/01/06, The Scotsman)

ALEX Salmond received a massive pre-election boost today with a new opinion poll showing a clear majority of Scots favour independence, and illustrating a significant swing from Labour to the SNP.

The Scotsman ICM poll found 51 per cent now favoured full independence with only 39 per cent against - the biggest level of support for separatism for eight years.

The poll also forecasts major gains for the SNP at next year's Holyrood elections with the party on course to win enough seats to form Britain's first nationalist-led government.

Support soars for plan to adopt the golden eagle as a national symbol (HAMISH MACDONELL, 11/01/06, The Scotsman)
NEW Zealand has the kiwi, Antigua has the frigate bird and Belize has the keel-billed toucan - but Scotland has nothing.

A total of 90 countries around the world, and numerous states and provinces, have a national bird. Scotland is not one of them but that omission could soon be reversed thanks to a decision by MSPs last night.

The parliament's enterprise and culture committee decided to pursue a campaign for the golden eagle to be adopted as Scotland's national bird, and will commission a series of studies into the viability of the scheme.

It was all over when the English returned the Stone of Scone.

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