November 26, 2006


Dreams of an investment in future drive voters (Habib Toumi, 11/26/06, Gulf News)

Luqman Al Qassab said that he was confident that the Council of Representatives will not be as weak as its predecessor. "We look forward to a bright future because I am convinced that living conditions and housing schemes will be improved," said Al Qassab who did not vote in 2002.

"Boycotting the elections then was significant to maintain unity within the ranks, but this year we are all convinced that participation would help enhance our lives," he said while carrying his young child.

Like many of the people who thronged the Jid Hafs polling station, Al Qassab saw the exercise as a manifestation of strong support for Shaikh Ali Salman and an investment in the future.

"I am overwhelmed by the sight of thousands of people lining up to cast their ballots," the Al Wefaq leader told Gulf News three hours into the one-day vote.

Many voters had younger members with them in front of the stations where vivacious children and adolescents were distributing pictures under the smiling oversized posters of the candidates.

Posted by Orrin Judd at November 26, 2006 11:44 AM
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