October 15, 2006


Farewell, old friend: The man who was more than a baseball great is gone, but he leaves a legacy of living, loving. (JOE POSNANSKI, 10/15/06, The Kansas City Star)

Every day since Buck O’Neil died — dozens of times every day — I’ve heard people tell stories about him. There were many Buck O’Neil stories told Saturday. They held his funeral at his longtime church, Bethel AME They held a celebration of his life at Municipal Auditorium. Yes, many stories were told.

These Buck stories are rarely complicated. They are instead about moments. Hugs he offered. Songs he sang. Impressions he left. Memories he shared. Many tell the simple story about having a photograph taken with him. Buck would hold women tight while a husband or boyfriend or friend fiddled helplessly with the camera. “Take your time,” Buck always said, and he squeezed tighter. “I like this.”

This is what he leaves behind. Photographs. Laughs. Hugs. Simple moments.

Posted by Orrin Judd at October 15, 2006 11:04 AM
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