October 6, 2006


Envy Corps heads spin with Vertigo album deal from England: Iowa band members can quit day jobs now and record their debut CD at a farm studio (KYLE MUNSON, October 5, 2006, Des Moines Register)

What has a shot to become the most significant debut album by an Iowa band since Slipknot is taking shape on a farm east of town, where the implements are guitars, piano and a recording console instead of tractors and combines.

Indie-rock quartet the Envy Corps, based in Ames and Des Moines, has signed a major record deal — all the way across the ocean, with Vertigo Records in London, a division of Mercury Records in the United Kingdom and a corner of the giant, global Universal Music Group. [...]

The Envy Corps' ascent began in earnest last year with its ambitious debut single, "Rhinemaidens," which became a staple on KCCQ-FM (105.1) in Ames.

That song was included on the band's independent EP, "I Will Write You Love Letters if You Want Me To," which was released earlier this year and quickly sold hundreds of copies through local stores and gigs.

Now, thanks to their new five-album record deal, all the Envy Corps members (singer-guitarist Brandon Darner, singer-keyboardist-guitarist Luke Pettipoole, bassist David Yoshimura and drummer Scott Yoshimura) are able to quit their day jobs to focus full-time on music. Pettipoole, 24, said he enjoys "not having to worry about going to Jimmy John's to work for six hours and coming back."

Posted by Orrin Judd at October 6, 2006 12:50 PM
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