August 1, 2006


Sharansky Wants To Act Against Iran (ELI LAKE, August 1, 2006, NY Sun)

On the day the U.N. Security Council issued its most ominous threat yet to Iran to abandon its nuclear ambitions, Mr. Sharansky said he believed that sooner or later the world would have to take drastic military action if Iran persisted in building a nuclear weapon.

He said the hesitation of the free world to make common cause with dissidents in the Muslim world is already having consequences, particularly in Iran. "I think it's unfortunate the free world did not give support to the Iranian opposition. America at times was undermining this opposition," he said. And while he acknowledged that a strike on Iran's nuclear infrastructure would have disastrous effects on the Iranian opposition, he also said that at this point, the world did not have much choice but to make the hard decision.

"On the one hand, I know enough that the greater the chances that Iran will be attacked, the easier it will be for the regime to neutralize the opposition and focus the population on an external enemy. This is what dictators always try to do," he said. "On the other hand, the world cannot afford to have the worst weapons in the hands of a terrorist regime. The world will be blackmailed. This is why the world will have to act. Nonetheless, things will be more difficult for the opposition in Iran."

Mr. Sharansky is perhaps more influential in Washington these days than he is in Jerusalem.

In the Crusader State, not the Promised Land.

Posted by Orrin Judd at August 1, 2006 9:27 AM
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