May 1, 2006


Scandals leave Blair at voters' mercy (Neil Tweedie and George Jones, 02/05/2006, Daily Telegraph)

Support for John Prescott and Charles Clarke was draining away among Labour MPs last night as Tony Blair faced a critical 48 hours before voters in local elections in England passed judgment on the scandal and chaos engulfing his Government. [...]

Some MPs accused Mr Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister, of having become the party's greatest liability because revelations about his alleged "predatory sexual behaviour" had made him a laughing stock and humiliated the party.

Others expressed alarm at the impact of the blunder by Mr Clarke, the Home Secretary, which allowed hundreds of foreign prisoners to be released into the community rather than be deported.

The pressure on Mr Clarke intensified when a woman whose son was murdered by a convicted Jamaican drug dealer in Birmingham last year called on him to resign. Dorothy Gayle said her son's killer should have been deported because he had served time in prison.

When you reach the point where the debate is which guy is doing the party more damage you're losing.

Labour fears poll disaster after week of scandals (Jill Sherman, Richard Ford and David Charter, 5/02/06, Times of London)

LABOUR is heading for its worst local election drubbing in almost 40 years this week, as voters protest at the failings of Charles Clarke and the lurid sex allegations involving John Prescott.

Two weeks ago the party was expecting a poor showing in local elections but after days of damaging revelations experts are now predicting the biggest disaster since 1968, which came months after sterling was devalued under Harold Wilson.

In London, Labour could lose up to ten of the fifteen councils it controls as local government pundits predict a “meltdown” in support for the party on Thursday.

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