April 15, 2006


Mozartkugel Bonbons for the Ears (THE NEW YORK TIMES, 4/14/06)

ANOTHER Mozart year has come and ... well, not gone, exactly, with all the operas still to be performed at the Salzburg Festival this summer, but receded. It peaked early, with the 250th anniversary of his birth on Jan. 27, but as the centennial of Shostakovich's birth looms on Sept. 25, attention begins to drift.

The anniversary has deposited new recordings along the way — though not nearly as many as the last Mozart commemoration, of the 200th anniversary of his death in 1991, when the classical CD market was thriving — and provided an occasion to take stock of older ones. But there are so many. And in addition to sheer numbers, performance styles have changed radically in the recording era, especially over recent decades, with virtually every innovation and the occasional blind alley represented on disc.

How to sort through the bins upon bins of Mozart CD's in even a poorly stocked record store (let alone DVD's and opportunities for downloading)?

To give at least a bit of guidance, the classical music critics of The New York Times have listed some of their favorites. Alas, we can barely scratch the surface.

Posted by Orrin Judd at April 15, 2006 6:08 AM
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