March 3, 2006


Bush to hail Indian partnership: US President George W Bush is to outline his vision of a new strategic partnership with India, on the final day of his visit to the country. (BBC, 3/03/06)

In his speech to political and business leaders, Mr Bush will say that India is and will be a key player in the world's most rapidly developing corner, and that a strong relationship is vital for American interests.

The White House says the president will focus on shared values, especially the two countries' commitment to democracy.

Earlier, Mr Bush highlighted the importance of economic ties between the US and India with a brief visit to the southern Indian hi-tech city of Hyderabad.

Hyderabad is one of India's most important industrial centres and the headquarters of many US companies on the sub-continent, including the computer software giant Microsoft.

Addressing young business leaders, President Bush said the increasing wealth of cities like Hyderabad presented huge possibilities for US firms.

"The classic opportunity for our American farmers and entrepreneurs and small businesses to understand is there is a 300 million-person market of middle class citizens here in India," the president said.

And he said improved trade would compensate for the jobs lost to competition from India's world beating out-sourcing and computer software industries. [...]

The Pentagon used the visit to announce that Washington has offered to sell India advanced fighter aircraft as part of an expanding military partnership.

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