January 13, 2006


Menzies Campbell: I will take Lib Dems to the left of Labour (Tania Branigan and Michael White, January 13, 2006, The Guardian)
The Liberal Democrats will fight the next general election to the left of Labour and campaign without any discussion of hung parliaments or coalitions with either main party if Sir Menzies Campbell wins the party leadership, he said yesterday.

In his first interview since Charles Kennedy resigned at the weekend, the acting leader - current frontrunner in the contest - told the Guardian he would put an anti-poverty campaign and environmentalism at the heart of the party agenda.

Sir Menzies will tell the 74,000 voters in the coming party leadership election that Tony Blair has moved Labour too far to the right for Lib Dems to be comfortable. As for the current modernisation of the Tory party, he declared: "I know liberals. I have worked with liberals. David Cameron is no liberal."
The more efficient option is just to fold up the Liberal Democrats with him taking the Lefties over to Labour, where they'd tip it back to statism, and Tony Blair leading the New Labourites into the Tory Party, where Cameron is his natural successor. Politics, being a human endeavor, isn't efficient though.

Posted by Orrin Judd at January 13, 2006 12:31 PM
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