January 17, 2006


55% would welcome Harper majority: Poll indicates Conservatives can widen gap as Liberal attack ads proving ineffective (BRIAN LAGHI, January 17, 2006, Globe and Mail)

[E]ven in Quebec, where the Tories have been essentially moribund for 12 years, 64 per cent of voters say a Conservative majority would be good for the nation.

The general lack of concern about a Tory majority suggests the party has an opportunity to increase its current lead in the polls, said Strategic Counsel chairman Allan Gregg. He said that 60 per cent of Bloc Québécois voters appear unafraid of a Conservative majority, a number that indicates federalist voters who have parked their support with the Bloc are open to being wooed by Mr. Harper.

"If I was Harper right now, I'd go right into Quebec and hold big rallies," Mr. Gregg said. "Big balloons and marching bands and just feel-good stuff."

Mr. Gregg said the desires of a lot of Quebec nationalists dovetail with Mr. Harper's policies, which include ideas such as delivering more taxing power to the provinces.

Forget attacking, build the majority.

Posted by Orrin Judd at January 17, 2006 10:48 AM
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