November 30, 2005


The day every Scot should celebrate our unique culture (IAN MARLAND, 11/30/05, The Scotsman)

THE majority of Scots are likely to go about their business today without a thought for the significance of the date, and without any plans to note either its arrival or passing.

While our churches mark a point on the calendar and while some of the country's schoolchildren may have been primed to reflect on its religious aspects, for the vast majority of the nation, St Andrew's Day will be like any other.

So what is it about Scotland that makes us reluctant to commemorate our saint's day? And why are other countries so successful in using it to mark community and national pride?

There are signs Scotland is slowly waking up to the benefits of celebrating St Andrew, if not with an official holiday, then with cultural and social festivities which set the day apart from any other.

MSPs recently voted against a bill put forward by the independent Dennis Canavan to make St Andrew's Day a public holiday. But they agreed to examine ways that 30 November can be celebrated without the loss of a day's work.

If you don't celebrate our own culture why would any newcomers conform to it?

Posted by Orrin Judd at November 30, 2005 12:00 AM
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