October 6, 2005


US Senate blocks Uzbek payment (BBC, 10/06/05)

The US Senate has voted to block a $23m payment to Uzbekistan, after the Uzbek government ended an agreement for US troops to use an airbase there.

The payment, for past use of the base, will be postponed for at least a year.

The Karshi-Khanabad base has been an integral part of US military operations in the region for nearly four years.

But in July, Tashkent asked the US to leave the base, after it criticised the violent suppression of demonstrations in the town of Andijan in May.

"Paying our bills is important. But more important is America's standing up for itself, avoiding the mis-impression that we overlook massacres and avoiding cash transfers to the treasury of a dictator," said Republican Senator John McCain, who sponsored the amendment that will block payment.

Can't find a roll call vote, so they may have done it by voice, but it would be fun to see how many Democrats voted like Imperialists.

Posted by Orrin Judd at October 6, 2005 8:02 AM
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