June 4, 2005


GOP courting O.C. Hispanics: And in turn, they are flattered to be wooed by chairman of party's national committee. (CINDY ARORA, 6/03/05, The Orange County Register )

The quickest route to the American dream is through the GOP, the chairman of the Republican National Committee told Hispanic community and business leaders Thursday.

"We want to make sure the American dream touches every willing heart," said Ken Mehlman. "This party is the American party."

Mehlman said the GOP's encouragement of home and business ownership, personal accountability and hard work vs. social service handouts are the American values that appeal to many Hispanics. [...]

"I think many Latinos don't know how to reach out to the Republican Party," said Helen Ramirez, coordinator for Women Helping Women in Costa Mesa. "But I think Latinos do see that this party is what America is all about."

San Clemente restaurant owner Carlos Kepler thinks the Hispanic community is finally learning about the GOP.

"It's great time for the Hispanic community to move ahead and see this," he said.

Miryam Mora, a teacher from El Monte, said she came to help prepare for her first vote as a citizen, which she expects to get in two years.

"I'm still trying to decide what party to go with," said Mora, 23.

"But it's good that now both parties are sending messages to the Latinos."

...Ken Mehlman builds.

Posted by Orrin Judd at June 4, 2005 12:00 AM
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