May 24, 2005


Doh! Liam's crusade to convert the Simpsons (Maureen Coleman, 20 May 2005, Belfast Telegraph)

Ulster actor Liam Neeson is to guest star in the Simpsons as an Irish priest converting the cartoon family to Catholicism.

The episode in which Neeson's character Fr Sean encourages Homer and Bart to turn Catholic has already gone out on US television and will be shown on Sky this summer.

It was due to be shown in America earlier, but had to be rescheduled due to the death of Pope John II.

In one scene Homer says: "Catholics Rule! We've got Boston, South America and the good part of Ireland."

In another scene involving a dream sequence, Marge ends up in Protestant heaven where people in polo shirts are playing badminton, while Homer's living it up in Catholic heaven - a massive Irish bar full of Riverdancers and brawling.

Jesus himself is portrayed as being in Catholic heaven.

When talking about Mass, Marge is heard to say: "It's like Simon Says without a winner."

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