April 3, 2005


Every Game Is an Away Game (CHOI HOON and B.R. MYERS, 4/03/05, NY Times)

THIS city might seem an unlikely place to find American baseball's Hogarth. But Choi Hoon considers his choice of subject a natural one.

Mr. Choi, 32, was already one of South Korea's most popular cartoonists when he started a series of comic strips about the "M.L.B.," as the fast-growing local fan base refers to it. "People here used to root only for Chan Ho Park and other Korean players," Mr. Choi explained, referring to one of the first Korean-born American baseball stars. "But now a lot of men in their 20's and 30's follow the league as a whole."

Many of these new fans look to Mr. Choi's work for its humor, surreal visuals and detailed knowledge of the league. His cartoons are carried in both a sports daily and on Naver.com, one of the Internet portals that are the main source of news for millions of young Koreans. Last season's strips, from which the panels below are drawn, focused on one team at a time, often highlighting a half-dozen or so players whom Mr. Choi found particularly amusing or interesting.

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