April 13, 2005


He's the mouth that roars (Michael Goodwin, April 13, 2005, NY Daily News)

When Bill Clinton starts talking politics, it usually pays to listen. But the only point he made with an outburst Monday was to prove that somebody ought to put a sock in the former First Mouth.

In a cheap shot that set a new low for ex-Presidents, Clinton said a gay Republican strategist who recently married his male partner "may be blinded by self-loathing."

Clinton's target was Arthur Finkelstein, a GOP operative who helped elect candidates from George Pataki to Jesse Helms. Last week it was reported the reclusive Finkelstein had quietly married his partner several months ago in Massachusetts, which permits same-sex marriage.

...but some are allowed to be.

Posted by Orrin Judd at April 13, 2005 7:10 AM
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