April 16, 2005


Red Dusk: It's time Hollywood gave up its love affair with communism. (BRIDGET JOHNSON, 3/30/05, Opinion Journal)

Considering how steeped in elitism last month's Academy Awards were--with "lesser" winners forced to stay back in their aisles or dutifully line up on stage, thus robbing them of a once-in-a-lifetime trip down the aisle--Hollywood sure has embraced communism with open arms. [...]

Annoying as the Che adulation is, a recent comment by a 14-year-old on an online movie message board was truly disturbing: "I just saw The Motorcycle Diaries, which further made me question: Why is communism bad? . . . Young people are told how bad communism is, but we are not told why. . . . The Motorcycle Diaries showed me how Ernesto Guevara wanted to help people. . . . But this did not explain why he was such a 'bad' person and apparently deserved to be murdered by the U.S."

Is this a legacy of dangerous ignorance that the makers of "Che" wish to continue? Might this teen be taught that the product of Guevara and Castro's "revolution" is a nation whose inhabitants still risk their lives to escape--and an estimated one-third die trying? A nation where neighbor spies on neighbor, where dissent lands one in the clink--or worse--and persecution is punishment for everything from religion to homosexuality?

What feature films have showed the true nature of communism?

What's strange is that they give up a natural dramatic setting by not using the Communist backdrop--whether the Soviet Union, Cuba or China. You know you have it bad when you let your ideology trump your art.

Posted by Orrin Judd at April 16, 2005 6:09 AM
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