March 6, 2005


Iranian dribbles his way to NBA... (Albawaba, 25-02-2005)

A historic first will soon be made in the dynamic and exciting world of sports when a young and ambitious Iranian athlete will join the prestigious NBA basketball league in the next two months.

Jaber Rouzbahani is 7 feet 5 inches tall, weighs 260 pounds, with an 8-foot wingspan. He is a shot blocker with a soft shooting touch. [...]

Rouzbahani can grab the rim flat-footed and dunk on his tiptoe. He is a kid from the historical Iranian city of Isfahan. Born in 1986, Rouzbahani started playing less than four years ago and plays for Isfahan's Zob Ahan. The Iranian teen played China's Yao Ming in an Asian tournament last year and held him to 15 points - about half of what Yao was averaging in the tourney. The Chinese is currently playing in the NBA. [...]

What stands out most about Rouzbahani, besides his obvious size, is his smile and great personality, which shines through despite the language barrier. [...]

Rouzbahani was brought over from Iran last year after acquiring the necessary visa.

Jaber had a normal family upbringing with loving parents. His father is average height standing roughly 6 foot, while his mother is about 5'11.

When asked in one of his interviews what his idea of the US was before arriving to the country, he said he thought there was a nightclub on every street and everybody was rich and had a Benz. He added he was surprised most about the US that everybody there loves basketball, not soccer like in Iran.

If he really is as personable as this suggests and can be embraced here he could be the most influential athelete in some time.

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