December 12, 2004


Picking his people: Choices will keep Bush on course (Les T. Csorba, November 24, 2004, San Diego Union Tribune)

It's hard to miss the metaphor when President Bush stepped into the middle of a heated quarrel, pulled his lead Secret Service agent away from Chilean security officials, and straightened his shirt cuffs as he calmly returned to business. Great leaders don't stand around and allow chaos to unravel on their watch.

The great leaders throughout history have always been transformational, not transactional: Lincoln's passion to save a nation and sign the Emancipation Proclamation, Roosevelt's "New Deal" and steadfast leadership during World War II, Churchill's determination to save Western Civilization, and Lady Thatcher and Reagan's steeliness that brought the Soviet Empire to its knees and victory in the Cold War.

And now George W. Bush has taken up the mantle of audacious leadership to foster democracy and freedom in the Middle East, to corner, suffocate and kill terrorists around the globe, and to build an "ownership society" at home. The media elite and inside-the-Beltway pundits who thought (and perhaps hoped) that the president might coast, sell out, pander, move to the center and simply relish in his electoral triumph, are still not acquainted with his soul and heart. Fiercely competitive and results driven, he didn't come to Washington simply to fill the chair under the Resolute desk.

Here is a man not enamored by the pomp and circumstance of leadership or the presidency, but only by the accomplishments demanded by the challenges of this moment in history. Like his much admired Sir Winston, the 43rd president knows that great leaders set great goals. And great goals can only be achieved by staying on offense and putting people around you who can help achieve victory.

Posted by Orrin Judd at December 12, 2004 3:14 PM
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