September 24, 2004


Howard now has God on his side (Michelle Wiese Bockmann, September 25, 2004,

JOHN HOWARD has personally brokered a deal with the Family First party that would see the Coalition consult over policy with the Assemblies of God-backed party in exchange for preferences for most lower house candidates across Australia.

With the Coalition keen to counter the Labor Party's dominance of the preference flows in a tight election, the Liberals signed off on the deal after a series of conversations between the Prime Minister and Family First chairman Peter Harris.

While the preference flows of the socially conservative minor party may have limited effect in most states, they will be crucial in the three marginal South Australian seats held by the Liberals.

It is almost a political mirror image to the sweeping preference deal between Labor and the left-leaning Greens for Senate and 26 lower house seats reached last week.

Somehow it seems like the plot of a Star Trek episode--the religious vs. the pagans.

Posted by Orrin Judd at September 24, 2004 9:01 PM
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