April 22, 2004


Prodigal Son: Tonight's Frontline documentary, "Son of al Qaeda," provides a chilling glimpse into the minds of militant Islamists (Michael Goldfarb, 04/22/2004, Weekly Standard)

AIRING TONIGHT on PBS is the latest installment of Frontline, featuring an hour-long interview with Abdurahman Khan, a self-proclaimed "Son of Al Qaeda."

Abdhurahman, 21, was born in Canada to Ahmed Said Khadr, an Egyptian born engineer who had emigrated to Canada only a few years earlier, and Maha, a Palestinian woman who had been raised in Ottawa. When Abdurahman was 11, he and his family, six siblings in all, moved to Afghanistan. There his father was deeply involved in charity work, feeding and schooling some of the many children who had been orphaned by that country's decade-long struggle against the Soviet Union. In addition, he and his associates--bin Laden among them--were plotting the murder of Americans under the cover of their charity work. It is in Afghanistan that Abdurahman's bizarre story of treachery and betrayal begins.

Posted by Orrin Judd at April 22, 2004 6:51 PM
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