June 27, 2003


Liberian President Appeals for U.S. Help to End Rebel War (SOMINI SENGUPTA, June 27, 2003, NY Times)
Embattled President Charles Taylor of Liberia appealed to the United States for help in rescuing his country from civil war today but said that he would not abandon power until an international military force arrived to guarantee peace.

In a radio address aired late this afternoon, Mr. Taylor said he wanted the United States to lift ``Liberia and Liberians out of this mess.'' He said he remained open to negotiations to end the bloody conflict.

His plea came a day after President Bush called on President Taylor to resign in the interest of halting a three-year rebel conflict that has fractured this West African country, spurred a regional refugee crisis and left hundreds dead.

Part of the burden of being a great power is that we do have some moral obligation to intervene here, especially when we're asked to. Posted by Orrin Judd at June 27, 2003 8:03 PM
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