June 26, 2003


Bush threatens to pacify Liberia (Tim Butcher, 27/06/2003, Daily Telegraph)
An American military operation to restore order in Liberia looked likely last night as President George W Bush called for peace in the war-torn West African republic.

He drew cheers and applause from an audience of businessmen, academics and African leaders when he called on Liberia's President Charles Taylor, an indicted war criminal, to stand down.

"President Taylor needs to step down so that his country can be spared further bloodshed," he said. [...]

With a US Navy amphibious assault ship, the USS Kearsarge, just off the Liberian coast carrying 1,200 marines, Mr Bush has the option of ordering a significant deployment to one of Africa's most chaotic countries.

Liberia has close historic and traditional links with America. It was founded in the early 19th century as Africa's first republic by freed slaves from the United States.

It's long past time for the U.S. to take a more constructive role on that godforsaken continent. Posted by Orrin Judd at June 26, 2003 9:11 PM
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