May 31, 2003


Scott Simon Essay: Weapons of Mass Destruction, (Scott Simon, Weekend Edition Saturday, 5/31/03).

Although you wouldn't guess it by the title, and it doesn't seem to be available online, in this commentary Scott Simon comes perilously close to endorsing the Brothers Judd view of the Iraqi war and weapons of mass destruction: who cares? Now that "human rights groups" have now increased the number of victims they estimate the Iraqi Ba'athists tortured, Mr. Simon concludes that the regime was evil. It was, in his words, the biggest weapon of mass destruction. He even admits that it's unlikely the President Bush and Tony Blair were out and out lying about wmds, though of course he is concered that serious allegations have been raised and believes that an investigation is warranted. He will back away from this sentiment sometime in the next week, but the point remains: if the Democratic refuseniks have lost NPR, do they have any chance of winning over America? Posted by David Cohen at May 31, 2003 12:07 PM
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