June 30, 2002


Several years ago [actually, it now appears to have been thirteen years, but I wrote this a while ago]...

My friend Charlie and I had been out somewhere all day--I believe beer may have been involved.

We come stumbling back to his apartment in Hoboken (a 5th floor walk up, to my cardiovascular system's horror) and Sue (his wife) had been extraordinarily gracious, not only renting a movie, but getting what was theoretically a guy flick--Everybody's All-American.

We watched in dumbfounded silence as one of the most excrutiating pieces of dreck ever committed to celluloid unfolded before our glazed eyes.

Finally (or after 5 minutes), I begged to shut it off.  Chuck hesitated, but when Sue said it wasn't that bad, he agreed to continue the audio-visual crime.

He came over to my side about 10 minutes later, but Sue held fast.

At last  the movie reached it's emotional climax, Randy Quaid and Tim Hutton have a huge confrontation  at the LSU Homecoming game, during which they happen to be directly in front of the LSU mascot's cage.  We see a tiger pacing back and forth in back of them as they mewl about 20 years of emotional wounds that no straight man would ever suffer, let alone admit to in front of another man.

And, like Saul on the road to Damascus, it came to me:

"The only way to save this movie is to let the Tiger out and have him maul everyone"

By then even Sue waited with baited  breath, hoping against hope that the Tiger would make it a Blockbuster night.

Since that time, we've referred to shutting off an awful movie as "Letting the Tiger out".

Well, tonight we let the tiger hunt after about 15 minutes of Waking Life. If you see this one on the shelf next time you're at the video store, we urge you to, as Isaac Hayes sang : just walk on by. See if they have Himalaya instead. Posted by Orrin Judd at June 30, 2002 11:12 PM
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