April 1, 2002


The Brothers Judd are big Ed Driscoll fans. Mr. Driscoll wrote a very nice (most people say overly flattering) profile of us a couple months ago. He also has a terrific weblog. That said, we can't help thinking that Mr. Driscoll looks like something out of that dreadful Speilberg flick A. I. in this picture. On the other hand, his story that goes with it is very cool Defying Gravity: The Segway in Action (Edward B. Driscoll, April 2002, LiteWheels) :
...I watched Tobe Cohen, Segway's director of marketing roll past Doric columns, antique appearing chandeliers and marble floors into a modern looking conference room, seemingly magically balanced between the two parallel wheels of the Segway. He hopped off, and adjusted the height of the handlebars to better suit my arms. I hopped onto the 24-inch wide platform. Then Cohen took his hand off the unit. For a few seconds, the Segway bucked back and forth, as he said, "you're trying to balance on it, and it's trying to balance you. Just relax." I did. The rest was incredibly intuitive.

I was standing between the two wheels, balanced like I was a few antigravity inches off the ground. Cohen explained that if I leaned forward, the Segway would move forward. If I leaned backwards, the Segway would reverse. And he pointed out the switch on the left handlebar that could be flipped to turn the unit. He then let me ride the Segway through the halls, up ramps, on several surfaces, and even over his feet.

Posted by Orrin Judd at April 1, 2002 9:46 PM
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