September 11, 2004


Here are links and articles we collected immediately after 9-11, but before we had the blog. Many will likely be dead by now (if you put a comment I'll try to take dead ones down), but all are reminders of what mattered to us then and it's interesting to see things like the contoversies (remember the argument over how many Muslims there are in America) and especially to see things like how the Left declared defeat in Afghanistan too.

Please also let us know in the Comments if any of the ones you read are particularly good--like this one, The Queen's Tears. (Mark Steyn, September 17, 2001, National Review)--we'll try to separate them out and post them or if you see other stuff elsewhere today that should be added. Thanks.:


-Ryan Garland
-Relief and Emergency Info (Yahoo!)

-TEXT: of Speech
-VIDEO: of Speech
-ESSAY & LINKS : Bush Speech Wows Critics (Howard Kurtz, Washington Post, 9/20/01)
-ARTICLE: Hockey fans demand to watch Bush speech (Ira Podell, Associated Press)
-ESSAY: Rupert Cornwell: America was looking for comfort, inspiration and leadership. Bush stood up and delivered (22 September 2001, Independent uk)
-ESSAY: Echoes of Lincoln (David S. Broder, September 23, 2001, Washington Post)
-ESSAY: I opposed George W. Bush. I was wrong. (Gerald Posner, 9/25/01, Wall Street Journal)
-ESSAY: What Bush got right - and wrong (Daniel Pipes, The Jerusalem Post, September 26, 2001)
-ESSAY: Leading America Beyond Fear (BOB HERBERT, September 24, 2001, NY Times)
-ESSAY: BUSH'S GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT : Outside In (Sam Tanenhaus, NewRepublic, 09.26.01)
-ESSAY: The 2,988 Words That Changed a Presidency: An Etymology (D.T. MAX, October 7, 2001, NY Times)

Bush Address to the Nation

-President Bush at National Cathedral (September 14, 2001)
-White House : Briefing Room
-ARTICLE: All Must Join Fight Against Terror, Bush Tells U.N. (UN General Assembly Speech, 11/11/2001)
-FBI Websites Document Evidence Against Bin Laden
Resolution of Congress

-Hunting bin Laden (PBS Frontline)
-RESOURCES: SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 TERRORIST ATTACKS : BACKGROUND INFORMATION (Thomas Brister, Center for Civic Renewal and Department of Government and International Affairs, Sweet Briar College, Virginia)
-LINKS: Saja : September 11 Roundup
-Bert is Evil
-URBAN LEGENDS : Rumors of War
-Slate Magazine collection of editorial cartoons featuring the Statue of Liberty The Site of the Northern Alliance
-Sign a Citizen's Declaration of War
-100 Questions and Answers about Arab Americans (Detroit Free Press)
-War on Terrorism (J. C. Watts Homepage)
-LINKS: Attack on the U.S.: An Internet Guide (David Plotz, Sept. 11, 2001, Slate)
-LINKS: Trade Centre Crash (Ananova)
-Real Clear Politics
-Suggestions on how to pray about the American tragedy of September 11, 2001 (ChristianAnswers.Net)
-ARCHIVES: Research Buzz (9/11)
-ARCHIVES: Osama bin Laden (Salon)
-ARCHIVES: Readers' picks: best stories (Common Dreams)

-World Trade Center Web Site
-Terror in New York City (
-PHOTOS: World Trade Center - Before and After Comparison
-ESSAY: When the Twin Towers Fell : One month after the attack on the World Trade Center, M.I.T. structural engineers offer their take on how and why the towers came down. (Steven Ashley, October 2001, Scientific American)
-ESSAY: Why Did the World Trade Center Towers Collapse? (Dahlia Lithwick, Sept. 11, 2001, Slate)
-ESSAY: After Modernism (Roger Scruton, Spring 2000, City Journal)

-SPECIAL EDITION : NY Times Magazine : This issue is made up of words written and images captured in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attack
-Daily News : Yahoo : Full Coverage
-Washington Post: America Under Attack
-NY Daily News : Attack on America
Times : America Attacked

-USA Today : Attack
Sun : US Under Attack

Globe : New day of infamy Special Report
-NandoTimes: America Under Attack
Daily News : America Attacked

-ARTICLE: On Sept. 11, 2001, suicide hijackers crashed two airliners into the World Trade Center in New York, causing the 110-story twin towers to collapse. Another hijacked airliner hit the Pentagon and a fourth crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. Some 3,000 people were killed in all. (NY Times, 9/12/03)
SERIES: Ten Days in September
( Dan Balz and Bob Woodward, Washington
-ESSAY: The Philosopher of Islamic Terror (PAUL BERMAN, March 23, 2003, NY Times Magazine)
America at War
(Washington Post)
the Terror Network
(PBS Frontline)

(Time Magazine)
Resources on Terrorism: Osama bin Laden

on Terrorism
: This section contains the best of The Observer's coverage
of the terrorism crisis following September 11th
Science Monitor Guide to Books of September 11th

: It's Always Been Washington vs. the Field
11, 2002, NY Times)
-ESSAY: Could 9/11 Have Been Prevented?: Long before the tragic events of September 11th, the White House debated taking the fight to al-Qaeda. It
didn't happen and soon it was too late. The saga of a lost chance (MICHAEL
-ARTICLE: U.S. intelligence agencies received many more indications than previously
disclosed that Osama bin Laden's terrorist network was planning imminent
"spectacular" attacks in the summer of 2001 aimed at inflicting mass casualties, according to the preliminary findings of a joint congressional intelligence panel report released yesterday. (The Washington Post)
-ARTICLE: Desperation forced a horrific decision (Dennis Cauchon and Martha T. Moore, 9/03/02, USA TODAY)
-ESSAY: Bravery and Breakdowns in a Ridgetop Battle : 7 Americans Died in Rescue Effort That Revealed Mistakes and Determination (Bradley Graham, May 24, 2002, Washington Post)
-ESSAY: A Memo to American Muslims (M. A. Muqtedar Khan)
-ARTICLE: Bush says Afghanistan just the beginning, warns Iraq and North Korea on major weapons (RON FOURNIER, November 27 2001, Associated Press)
-ARTICLE: Most Americans Back U.S. Tactics : Poll Finds Little Worry Over Rights (Richard Morin and Claudia Deane, Washington Post, November 29, 2001)
-ARTICLE: Poll: Americans still strongly support war (Richard Benedetto, USA TODAY, 11/29/2001)
-ARTICLE: Terrorism In Early America : The U.S. Wages War Against The Barbary States To End International Blackmail and Terrorism (Thomas Jewett, Early America)
-ARTICLE: British Muslim support for terror (11/04/01, Times of London)
-ARTICLE: The week it all went wobbly for the West : With public confidence slipping, military doubts growing and a PR disaster in the Middle East, the allies have discovered it will take more than B52s and a few handshakes to put the world to rights. (David Cracknell, November 4 2001 , Times of London)
-ARTICLE: Islam Experts Off on a Wild Ride, Willing or Not (ALEXANDER STILLE, November 10, 2001, NY Times)
-ESSAY: How Many American Muslims? (Daniel Pipes)
-ARTICLE: An American Dream, Slightly Apart : N.J. Muslim Family Feels a Separateness (Anne Hull, October 27, 2001, Washington Post)
-ARTICLE: New York Cleric's Departure From Mosque Leaves Mystery (LAURIE GOODSTEIN, 10/23/01, NY Times)
-ESSAY: Security Before Liberty : Today's curbs on freedom are nothing compared with earlier wars. (JAY WINIK, October 23, 2001, Wall Street Journal)
-ARTICLE: THE DEMOCRATS : Bush Winning Gore Backers' High Praises (RICHARD L. BERKE, 10/20/01, NY Times)
-ARTICLE: Iraq 'behind US anthrax outbreaks' (David Rose and Ed Vulliamy, October 14, 2001, The Observer)
-ARTICLE: Muslim Ruling Endorses U.S. Action (RICHARD N. OSTLING, October 12, 2001, AP)
-INTERVIEW: Overrating the Taliban? (Shamus Toomey, October 14, 2001, Chicago Daily Herald)
-ESSAY: Arabs Have Nobody to Blame But Themselves : Bin Laden heads a frustrated and failed generation.  (FOUAD AJAMI, October 16, 2001, Wall Street Journal)
-ARTICLE: Rumsfeld calls for end to old tactics of war (Toby Harnden, 16/10/2001, Daily Telegraph)
-ESSAY: Where is Dracula When You Need Him? (David A. Yeagley,, October 15, 2001)
-ARTICLE: Citing Comments on Attack, Giuliani Rejects Saudi's Gift (JENNIFER STEINHAUER, October 12, 2001, NY Times)
-ESSAY: The real threat is Iraq - as Bush's men have said for years (Stephen Pollard, 10/09/01, Daily Telegraph)
-ESSAY: The Case for Using Racial Profiling at Airports : If you were boarding an airplane, wouldn't you want authorities to scrutinize Arab passengers? (Stuart Taylor Jr., The Atlantic, September 25, 2001)
-ESSAY: The left's new clothes are red, white and blue : Could this conflict do what Kosovo didn't quite do and divide Blair from his party in a truly dangerous way? (Jackie Ashley Monday 1st October 2001, New Statesman)
-ESSAY: A Faith in Debate Islam: A beginner's guide. (DAVID F. FORTE, September 28, 2001, Wall Street Journal)
-ESSAY: The War: A Road Map (Charles Krauthammer, September 28, 2001, Washington
-ESSAY: "Relentlessly and Thoroughly" : The only way to respond. (Paul Johnson, 9/01, National Review)
-ESSAY: Terrorists are under attack even before a shot is fired (John Keegan, Daily Telegraph Defence Editor, 28/09/2001)
-ESSAY: Against Rationalization (Christopher Hitchens, The Nation)
-ESSAY: America the ignorant : After Sept. 11, Americans have rushed to educate themselves about Islam, the Middle East and foreign affairs. But how did we get so benighted in the first place? (Laura Miller, 9/26/01, Salon)
-ARTICLE: Berlusconi Comments Cause Stir (CANDICE HUGHES, Associated Press, September 26, 2001)
-ESSAY: Islam's flawed spokesmen : Some of the groups claiming to speak for American Muslims find it impossible to speak out against terrorist groups (Jake Tapper, 9/26/01, Salon)
-ESSAY: Faith and the Secular State (LAMIN SANNEH, September 23, 2001, NY Times)
-ESSAY: Why do they hate America? : The USA saved Europe from the Nazis, defeated communism and keeps the West rich. Bryan Appleyard analyses why it has become the land of the loathed (Times of London)
-ESSAY: Why Muslims are always in turmoil (James Buchan, 24th September 2001, New Statesman)
-ESSAY : Burst (Tony Judt, New Republic)
-ARTICLE: Baton Rougeans turn threats to kind words (AMY WOLD, Baton Rouge Advocate)
-ARTICLE: Of Altruism, Heroism and Nature's Gifts in the Face of Terror (NATALIE ANGIER, September 18, 2001, NY Times)
-ESSAY: Brightness falls : Jay McInerney, author of the definitive modern New York novel, witnessed the destruction of the World Trade Centre from his apartment window. He describes the week that changed his city for ever (September 15, 2001, The Guardian)
-ARTICLE: Congress Clears Use of Force, $40 Billion in Emergency Aid (John Lancaster and Helen Dewar, Washington Post, September 15, 2001)
: Bin-Laden Poster Seen at Gaza Rally
(The Associated Press, Sept. 14, 2001)
-ARTICLE: Muslims witness support amid anger (Noreen S. Ahmed-Ullah and Don Terry, Chicago Tribune)
-ARTICLE: Bush Encourages N.Y. Rescuers : President Makes Heavily Guarded Visit to World Trade Center Site (Edward Walsh, Washington Post, September 15, 2001)
-ESSAY: Rational Fanatics (Ehud Spinzak, Foreign Policy)
-ARTICLE: Bid to Thwart Hijackers May Have Led to Pa. Crash (Charles Lane and John Mintz, Washington Post, Thursday, September 13, 2001)
-ARTICLE: Hijacked Jets Destroy Twin Towers and Hit Pentagon (SERGE SCHMEMANN, September 12, 2001, NY Times)
-ARTICLE: Terrorists Attack New York, Pentagon (MATEA GOLD and MAGGIE FARLEY, LA Times)
-ARTICLE: A Day of Terror (Philadelphia Inquirer)
-ESSAY: How Good Were the World Trade Center Pilots? (James Fallows, Sept. 11, 2001, Slate)
-ESSAY: What Liabilities Do Insurance Companies Face From Terrorist Acts? (Timothy Noah, Sept. 11, 2001, Slate)
-ARTICLE: Report: Five Suspects Identified in NYC Attack (September 12 2001, Reuters)
-ARTICLE: Passenger called wife from cell phone shortly before Pittsburgh crash (Paul Rogers and Lisa Fernandez, Knight Ridder)

-ESSAY: Having Their Day in (a Military) Court (Robert H. Bork,  January 2002, AEI on the Issues)
-ESSAY: Only in Their Dreams : Why is the "Arab street" silent? Because a radical Muslim fantasy has met reality (CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, December 24, 2001, TIME)
-INTERVIEW: Jihad 101 : Q&A with Mark Juergensmeyer (Adam Mazmanian, NY Press)
-ESSAY: Trial by Fury : With his order to establish military courts, Bush acts as though  Congress has declared war, but it hasn't. The order's reach is so sweeping that it could lead to hideous abuse. Congress, and not a rubber stamp from the Supreme Court, must curb military tribunals.
Are you listening, Congress? (Laurence H. Tribe, New Republic, 11/30/01)
-ESSAY: Clinton Has No Clothes : What 9/11 revealed about the ex-president. (Byron York, December 17, 2001, National Review)
-ESSAY: Supposing bin Laden was Saddam's junior partner : If Iraq was behind all the recent terrorist attacks on the US, says Alan Judd, will Tony Blair brave the inevitable bloody outcome? (Alan Judd, 12/10/01, Daily Telegraph)
-ESSAY : The Mosque to Commerce : Bin Laden's special complaint with the World Trade Center (Laurie Kerr, December 28, 2001, Slate)
-ESSAY: 2011 (Niall Ferguson, December 2, 2001, NY Times Magazine)
-ESSAY: Having Their Day in (a Military) Court : How best to prosecute terrorists. (Robert H. Bork,  December 17, 2001,  National Review)
-ESSAY: Wake Up, America : President Bush's military tribunals represent the broadest move in American history to sweep aside constitutional protections. (ANTHONY LEWIS, 11/30/01, NY Times)
-ESSAY: Rights and Wrongs in War After September 11, civil-libertarian sanctimony is too much to take. (DANIEL HENNINGER, November 30, 2001, Wall Street Journal)
-ESSAY: Mideast experts wrong -- again (CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, November 30, 2001)
-ESSAY: Squishier than thou : Demonstrating against reality in London and Washington (P. J. O'Rourke, The Atlantic Monthly | December 2001)
-ESSAY: Book Report: The Great Game Revisited (Washington Post, October 28, 2001)
-ESSAY: Honest intellectuals must shed their spiritual turbans : Ibn Warraq on
Islam - the final taboo
(Ibn Warraq, November 10, 2001, Guardian)
-ESSAY: 2001 Nights : The end of the Orientalist critique (Charles Paul Freund, 11/01, Reason)
-ESSAY: Guess what, the bombing worked like a charm : The antiwar hand-wringers kept warning us of its perils. But as the Taliban despots flee Afghan cities, and their citizens cheer, the air war's stunning efficacy is clear for all to see (Christopher Hitchens, 11/14/01, Salon)
-ESSAY: War Crimes Are Different Military tribunals are necessary in times of war. (DOUGLAS W. KMIEC, November 15, 2001, Wall Street Journal)
-ESSAY: Seizing Dictatorial Power (WILLIAM SAFIRE, November 15, 2001, NY Times)
-ESSAY: Which civilisation? : The idea of a liberal "west," standing out against fundamentalism, is a fallacy. In America, religious fundamentalism is more powerful than secular humanism. And the religious right and the romantic left in the west share an Arcadian, pre-modern vision similar
to that of Muslim conservatives (Michael Lind, November 2001, The Prospect uk)
-ESSAY: Playing for Keeps : What do we want? Revolution! When do we want it? Now! (MICHAEL LEDEEN, November 14, 2001, Wall Street Journal)
-ESSAY: Is There a Torturous Road to Justice? ( Alan M. Dershowitz, 11/08/01, LA Times)
-ESSAY: Time To Think About Torture (Jonathan Alter, 11/05/01, Newsweek)
-ESSAY: For modern spies, the Great Game is over (Alan Judd, October 29, 2001, Daily Telegraph)
-ESSAY: Politically Incorrect, Heroic All the Same (Jim Sleeper, NY Observer)
-ESSAY: Poverty Isn't The Cause Of Terrorism Y´(Bruce Bartlett, October 31, 2001, National Center for Policy Analysis)
-ESSAY: Poor Choice : Why globalization doesn't produce jihad (Brink Lindsey, 11.01.01, New Republic)
-ESSAY: Syria Yes, Israel No! : Our anti-terror coalition doesn't distinguish friend from foe (Norman Podhoretz, November 3, 2001, Weekly Standard)
-ESSAY: A corrosive national danger in our multicultural model : British Muslims must answer some uncomfortable questions (Hugo Young, November 6, 2001, The Guardian)
-INTERVIEW: The foreign correspondent Robert D. Kaplan talks about his days among the mujahideen, the killing of Abdul Haq, and why the U.S. must not be afraid to be brutal (Atlantic Unbound | November 2, 2001)
-ESSAY: The Loyal Opposition: THE WARMONGERS HAVE LANDED : Strategic Restraint is a Sign of Maturity, not Weakness (David Corn, Tom Paine)
-ESSAY : Just What is This 'Civilization'? : It's a word that can mean all things to all men, but it's also a concept used in the current conflict to suit many different purposes (Mary Riddell, Observer)
-ESSAY: Now and Then : What if today's media covered World War II? (CHRISTOPHER BUCKLEY, November 10, 2001, Wall Street Journal)
-ESSAY: Righteous Fury (Mark Bowden, , November 4, 2001, Philadelphia Inquirer)

WORDS & SONGS (of Comfort and Rage) :
-Flag Handling (Roanoke Times)
-Psalm 23
-Psalm 91
-SPEECH: The Gettysburg Address (Library of Congress Exhibition)
-SPEECH: JFK Inaugural
-SPEECH: Ronald Reagan A Time for Choosing 1964
-SPEECH: The Evil Empire : President Reagan's Speech to the House of Commons, June 8, 1982
-SPEECH: Ronald Reagan : Address to the Nation: The Challenger Disaster January 28, 1986
-POEM: September 1, 1939 (W. H. Auden)
-POEM: In Flanders Fields (John McCrae)
-POEM: JOHN DONNE (1572-1631): Holy Sonnets: Death, be not Proud
-SONG: Star Spangled Banner
-SONG: Battle Hymn of the Republic
-ESSAY: Flashbacks : The Battle Hymn of the Republic (Atlantic Monthly, September 18, 2001)
-SONG: Chester
-SONG: God Bless America
-SYMPHONY: Henryk Gorecki Symphony #3
-HYMN: A Mighty Fortress is Our God
-HYMN: How Great Thou Art

-ARCHIVES: "ramzi yousef" (Find Articles)
-ARCHIVES: "ramzi yousef" (Mag Portal)
(Terrorism Files)
-ARTICLE: Jury convicts 2 in Trade Center blast (November 12, 1997, CNN)
Rudolph W. Giuliani's Statement Regarding Today's Sentencing of Terrorist
Ramzi Yousef
(January 8, 1998)
-ESSAY: Will Bush learn from the past? ›(Debbie Schlussel, September 15,
2001, Town Hall)
-ESSAY: The past as prologue : Ramzi Yousef is in prison for plotting the
1993 World Trade Center bombing -- but we still don't know who he really
is, who he might have been working with and what he could tell us about
Sept. 11. (Russ Baker, Oct. 29, 2001, Salon)
-ESSAY: THE WORLD TRADE CENTER BOMB: Who is Ramzi Yousef? And Why It  Matters
(Laurie Mylroie, The National Interest, Winter, 1995/96)

OSAMA BIN LADEN (& Terrorism generally):
bin Laden
(PBS Frontline)
Bin Laden: Wealth plus Extremism Equals Terrorism
(This is re-produced
from an interview in May 1998 with JOHN MILLER of ABC NEWS)
-ESSAY: Holy Warrior Redux (Peter Bergen and Frank Smyth, 09.14.01, New Republic)
-ESSAY: Inside the Osama Bin Laden Investigation (Steven Emerson)
-ESSAY: He leaves no message but murder : Osama bin Laden is headed for history's dustbin. Still, his rampage holds a warning for the future. (Mark Bowden, December 16, 2001, Philadelphia Inquirer)
-ESSAY: Clinton Let Bin Laden Slip Away and Metastasize : Sudan offered up
the terrorist and data on his network. The then-president and his advisors
didn't respond. (MANSOOR IJAZ, December 5 2001, LA Times)
-ESSAY: Postmodern Jihad : What Osama bin Laden learned from the Left. (Waller R. Newell, November 2001, Weekly Standard)
-ESSAY: Gods and monsters : Why do Islamist terrorist groups like al-Qaida and Hamas want to crush the west and destroy Israel? (Michael Scott Doran, December 8, 2001, The Guardian)
-ESSAY: Don't blame Islam or the United States, says Fareed Zakaria, a Muslim-born American. Arab rulers gave birth to religious terrorists (Times of London)
-ESSAY: The Deep Intellectual Roots of Islamic Terror (ROBERT WORTH, October 13, 2001, NY Times)
-ARTICLE: Osama Bert Laden (AMY HARMON, October 14, 2001, NY Times)
-ARTICLE: Endowments From bin Ladens Prove Awkward (JACQUES STEINBERG, October 3, 2001, NY Times)
-ESSAY: 'He's mad, you know' - what the Taliban really think of Osama's men: While living among them, Sean Langan found Taliban fighters secretly loathe their leaders and Bin Laden (October 14, 2001, Times of London)
-PROFILE: Osama, This Is Your Life : A detailed guide to the life and times of al Qaeda financier and puppetmaster Osama bin Laden. (Bo Crader, 10/10/2001, Weekly Standard)
-ESSAY: Number Games : Is the WestĖs luck about to run out? (John Derbyshire, October 9, 2001, National Review)
-ESSAY: Bin Laden Adheres to Austere Form of Islam (NEIL MacFARQUHAR, October 7, 2001, NY Times)
-ESSAY: My Lunch with Osama bin Laden ›(Rory Nugent, October 2001, Rolling
-ESSAY: Nowhere Man : Islam didn't produce Mohamed Atta. He was born of his
country's struggle to reconcile modernity with tradition (Fouad Ajami, October 7, 2001, NY Times)
-ESSAY: Bin Laden's Vision Thing Is bin Laden saying that this whole thing is Warren G. HardingĖs fault? (James S. Robbins, , October 8, 2001, National Review)
-PROFILE: Bin Laden's Journey From Rich Pious Lad to the Mask of Evil (ROBERT D. McFADDEN, September 30, 2001, NY Times)
-ESSAY: Why this American feels safer (Daniel Pipes, The Jerusalem Post,
October 3, 2001)
-ARTICLE: Terror 'made fortune for Bin Laden' (John Hooper in Berlin, September 23, 2001, The Observer)
-ESSAY: Idea of the Day: Islamic Fascism and Diplomacy (Inigo
Thomas, Sept. 21, 2001, Slate)
-ESSAY: The demons that drive terror : Islamist extremists may not be the
Nazis of the 21st century but, says Ian Buruma, they share the same need
to be victimised (The Guardian, 9/19/01)
-ESSAY: The Mind Of A Fundamentalist   (Paul Klebnikov,,
-ESSAY: Ground Zero and the Saudi connection : Stephen Schwartz on the extreme Islamic sect that inspires Osama bin Laden as well as all Muslim suicide bombers - and is subsidised by Saudi Arabia (The Spectator)
-INTERVIEW: Hunting Osama The author of "Black Hawk Down" and "Killing Pablo"
says that American special forces have been training to go after bin Laden
for years and are more than ready (Max Garrone, Salon)
-ESSAY: The Roots of Muslim Rage (Bernard Lewis, September 1990, Atlantic
-ESSAY: Analysis: Bin Laden's fatwa (MARTIN WALKER, 16 September, 2001 , UPI)
-ESSAY: Why is Bin Laden still at large? : Terror in America - The man blamed
for Tuesday's atrocities has struck America before. The mystery is why
the US hasn't simply seized him. Michael Griffin reports (New Stateman)
OF THE DAY : The Man in the Desert
(Inigo Thomas, Sept. 14, 2001, Slate)
Ten Most Wanted : USAMA BIN LADEN

Websites Document Evidence Against Bin Laden

-PROFILE: Origins of the bin Laden network : After joining the Afghan cause in
1979, Osama bin Laden organized, inspired Islamic radicals worldwide
(Scott Baldauf and Faye Bowers | Staff writers of The Christian Science
-PROFILE: Osama bin Laden: The truth about the world's most wanted man : The truth about the prime suspect for the world's worst terrorist atrocity
is shrouded in myth and misinformation. But Chris Blackhurst has gained
unprecedented access to private dossiers, friends and family to reveal
the real Osama bin Laden (16 September 2001, Independent uk)
of American Scientists : Terrorism

Terrorism Database
. This web database was created as a resource on
political terrorism and violence. The database is divided up into geographic
areas containing an index to each region's terrorist groups as well as an international terrorism incident database
Research Center

-ESSAY: Blowback chronicles : Giles Foden on the murky deals that fuelled
international terrorism (September 15, 2001, The Guardian)
-ESSAY: The Real Threat :  A son amends. (Michael Ledeen, September
18, 2001, National Review)
-INTERVIEW: with Michele Zanini : A new breed of terrorism : A security expert says
it's time for the U.S. to declare war on those who are waging war on America
. (Laura Miller, September 11 2001, Salon)
-ESSAY: A Former Pakistani Prime Minister Weighs In (Benazir Bhutto, October
19, 2001, Slate)
-ESSAY: The Changing Face of Terrorism : It's becoming something fundamentally
. (David Greenberg, September 13, 2001, Slate)
-ESSAY: When Osama Met the Taliban : Who introduced them? Our intelligence "allies," Pakistan's Interservices Intelligence Agency. (Ken Silverstein, October 9, 2001, Slate)
-ESSAY: The enemy with a thousand faces : In Osama bin Laden, the U.S. is confronting one of the most stealthy and formidable foes in its history. (Gary Kamiya, Sept. 13, 2001, Salon)
-ESSAY: Supposing bin Laden was Saddam's junior partner : If Iraq was behind
all the recent terrorist attacks on the US, says Alan Judd, will Tony Blair brave the inevitable bloody outcome? (Alan Judd, 12/10/01, Daily Telegraph)
-ESSAY: The Mosque to Commerce : Bin Laden's special complaint with the World
Trade Center (Laurie Kerr, December 28, 2001, Slate)
-REVIEW: of Holy War, Inc. by Peter Bergen (Laura Miller, Salon)
-REVIEW: of Holy War, Inc. (Char Simons, CS Monitor)
-REVIEW: of Holy War, Inc. (Justin Marozzi, Financial Times)
-REVIEW: of Holy War, Inc. (Malise Ruthven, Times Literary Supplement)
-REVIEW: of Holy War, Inc. (Steve Weinberg, Denver Post)
-REVIEW: of Holy War, Inc. by Peter L. Bergen (Marin J. Strmecki, Commentary)

-ESSAY: THE IRAQ CONNECTION : Blood Baath (R. James Woolsey, 09.13.01, New
-ESSAY: A Saddam connection? : While the world focuses on Osama bin Laden,
some experts argue that Iraq was a likely conspirator. (David Neiwert,
Sept. 21, 2001, Salon)
-ESSAY: Osama, Saddam, and the Bombs (David Plotz, September 28, 2001, Slate)
-ESSAY: The twin towers trail leads to Saddam (DANIEL FINKELSTEIN, OCTOBER
03 2001, Times of London)
-INTERVIEW: An interview with Laurie Mylroie : Author of Study of Revenge : Saddam
Hussein's Unfinished War Against America
(American Enterprise Institute)
SUMMARY : Study of Revenge: Saddam Hussein's Unfinished War against America
By Laurie Mylroie

-REVIEW: of The Cell: Inside the 9/11 Plot, and Why the FBI and CIA Failed to Stop It (2002) (John Miller)
-REVIEW: of The New Jackals: Ramzi Yousef, Osama bin Laden and the Future of Terrorism (1999) (Simon Reeve)

-Sept. 11, 2003: Complete coverage of the second anniversary of Sept. 11, with current and past articles, interactive features and slide shows. (NY Times, 9/11/03)

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