September 18, 2023

Posted by orrinj at 12:00 AM


Maggie Haberman Spots Surprise 'Confession' From Trump In New Interview (Ed Mazza, Sep 15, 2023, HuffPo)

She was referring to Trump's response to a question about the impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden, in which he not only indicated it was in retaliation for his own impeachments, but suggested they were only just getting started.

"I think had they not done it to me ... perhaps you wouldn't have it being done to them," Trump told Kelly, then took it a step further: "And this is gonna happen with indictments, too."

Haberman said some Republicans are worried the admission could hurt the party during next year's election.

"That is something people had been hoping to avoid him saying explicitly around this Biden impeachment inquiry, because it does make it seem as if it is less on the level," she said.