July 13, 2021

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Russian Fighter Jets Scrambled To Intercept U.S. Spy Planes In Black Sea (Peter Suciu, 7/13/21, 1945)

NATO and Russian aircraft as well as warships have continued to play a very serious game of "cat and mouse" in the Black Sea region.

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Fox News guest: American slavery 'was not a racist thing' even though only Blacks were enslaved (Sky Palma, July 13, 2021, Raw Story)

"Don't get me wrong -- there was slavery going on, but slavery itself initially was not a racist thing," he said. "It never was about race initially, so to sit there and take it like America was founded on racism is a complete lie. Yeah, there was slavery going on, but slavery was going on in all the world. It never was a race thing, so why are we making it a race thing now?"

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Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn deletes swastika tweet after criticism, media questions (Joel Burgess, 7/13/21, Asheville Citizen Times)

He linked to a July 8 New York Post story "BLM chapter calls American flag 'symbol of hatred' only used by racists."

The main image for the article -- and the main one for his tweet -- showed members of the National Socialist Movement in 2008 marching from the Washington Monument to the grounds of the United States Capitol Building. One man wears a shirt that says "skinhead" while he holds the hand of a boy with a shirt with a large swastika, the symbol of Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany during the World War II.

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New Study Highlights Air Pollution Disparities Among Racial-Ethnic Groups (Grace Gagnon, 6/11/21, Tomorrow.io)

Examining government air pollution and census data led researchers to conclude that disproportionate numbers of non-white people were exposed to potentially hazardous fine particle pollution from nearly all major U.S. emission sources. 

We caught up with one of the researchers involved in this study, Christopher Tessum, Assistant Professor in Civil Environmental Engineering at the University of Illinois. 

On starting the study, Christopher said, "We're going to figure out which sources of air pollution are the most important for driving this disparity that's been, I'm certain for a long time, among racial-ethnic groups and air pollution exposure." 

Christopher said the findings surprised him. 

"It turns out that it's almost all the sources [fine particulate air pollution] that are contributing to this disparity," he said. 

Fine particulate air pollution is responsible for 85,000 to 200,000 excess deaths in the U.S., making it the most significant environmental cause of human mortality. 

"In our study, we look at the location of the pollution and the location of the people. What our results say... is that the people of color and the pollution are in the same place," Christopher explained. 

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Amid racism row, Instagram says monkey emojis to Black soccer players are okay (Times of Israel, 7/13/21)

The Instagram social media site has refused to take down much of the racist social media abuse directed at Black English soccer players in recent days, including the frequent use of monkey emojis, saying it did not violate terms of service, the Daily Mail reported Monday

Facebook and Twitter said Monday they were scrambling to take down racially abusive comments directed at members of the England football team following a heartbreaking loss in Sunday's Euro 2020 final.

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U.S. mulls digital trade deal to counter China in Pacific Rim: report (Mike Murphy, 7/12/21, Marketwatch)

The White House is drafting proposals for a digital trade agreement with Pacific Rim nations that would aim to counter China's regional influence, Bloomberg News reported late Monday.

Details are slight, but Bloomberg reported the deal could set digital standards for trade, including the use of data and electronic customs arrangements. Nations including Canada, Chile, Australia, Japan and Singapore could be included in the deal.

It would also give the Biden administration an opportunity to lay out its own trade plan, rather than enforce existing deals put in place by the Trump administration, and reassert the U.S. role in Pacific Rim trade, after the Trump administration spurned the Trans-Pacific Partnership in 2017.

Neoliberalism has a funny way of dying....
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The Anti-Vaxx Party Is Taking Shape (Sarah Jones, 7/12/21, New York)

There's nothing inherently conservative about anti-vaccine sentiment. The false claim that childhood vaccines cause autism attracted adherents of various political stripes, from typical right-wingers to crunchy liberals. COVID, however, has become an intensely partisan affair, with the pandemic doubling as a referendum on the Trump presidency. On the right, listening to Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci on vaccines means rejecting Donald Trump, which is heresy.