June 10, 2021


Polls show little evidence of difficulty voting in 2020 elections (KARLYN BOWMAN AND SAMANTHA GOLDSTEIN, 06/09/21, The Hill)

None of eight possible impediments in the VSG survey was experienced by more than 3 percent of Americans nationally. No more than 7 percent of any racial or ethnic group faced any of the impediments. The responses of those who said they voted for President Biden and Trump were consistently low and virtually identical to one another. 

Three percent nationally said they couldn't find the correct polling place, and 2 percent said they missed the registration deadline. Hispanics gave higher responses on this question than whites and Blacks, with 7 percent saying they could not find the correct polling place and 5 percent who missed the registration deadline. The VSG survey asked separate questions about mail-in ballots that never arrived or arrived too late to be processed. In both cases, 3 percent nationally experienced this. Seven percent of Hispanics, the highest response for a racial/ethnic group, said they never received the mail-in ballot they requested and 6 percent said it had arrived too late. Five percent of blacks, compared to 1 percent of whites, said the absentee ballot they had requested arrived too late.

Once at their polling places, small numbers of voters experienced problems. Three percent nationally indicated the lines were too long and that they gave up (7 percent of Hispanics, 4 percent of Blacks, and 1 percent of whites). Three percent nationally said they were told their name was not on the registration list (7 percent of Hispanics, 4 percent of Blacks, and 1 percent of whites). Three percent nationally said they had been harassed or bothered while trying to vote; again, Hispanics were slightly more likely to report this (5 percent) than Blacks (3 percent) or whites (2 percent). Finally, 2 percent were told they didn't have the correct identification; once again, Hispanics were more likely to give this response (5 percent) than Blacks or whites (1 percent each).

Seven percent, the highest percentage recorded on any impediment, is not inconsequential. But the vast majority did not experience these obstacles. State and local officials appeared to rise to the challenge during the pandemic. The question now is whether the problems that have been identified are best addressed at the state and local level or through a federal election law overhaul. 

It was fun when Kobach got the Secretaries of State together to ask them about the voter fraud they oversaw and then was shocked when they all said their elections were clean and well run. 
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