May 2, 2021


George W. Bush is a stranger in a strange land in today's GOP ( W. James Antle III, Apr. 27th, 2021, Washington Examiner)

When Bush was president, Republicans who disagreed with him on foreign policy, trade, or immigration were outliers within the party. Some party leaders said then-Texas Rep. Ron Paul should be excluded from future Republican presidential debates or even ejected from the GOP for his criticism of the Iraq War during one such event in South Carolina in 2007.

But the most recent Republican president, Donald Trump, disagreed with Bush on all three policy areas. Trump also criticized Bush and the war in Iraq from a South Carolina debate stage in 2016. Instead of credible calls for his ouster from the party, Trump won the state's primary and en route to the nomination and the presidency while Jeb Bush, the 43rd president's older brother and the former governor of Florida, dropped out of the race.

"That was some weird s---," Bush reportedly said after attending Trump's inaugural address in 2017. The son of a Republican president and grandson of a Republican senator hasn't seemed quite as comfortable in the party since. He recently said he wrote in former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for president last year.

W began is presidential campaign by calling out the extremism of the Gingrich House in particular, could not get the party to pass the immigration reform he won on twice, not the SS personalization, had to browbeat them into passing the HSA/prescription drug bill, and they initially blocked TARP before the market crash scared them into being mildly responsible.  He was always a bad fit with the Right wing, as Obama was with the Left. 

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