April 16, 2021


The Little Lady Who Brought Down Alfred Kinsey (AUSTIN RUSE, 4/16/21, Crisis)

He asserted that between 10-37 percent of adults had committed homosexual acts. Fourteen percent performed and 30% received homosexual oral sex with climax at least once. A whopping 94% had committed adultery. Eleven percent of married men had participated in anal sodomy at least once. He reported that 50% of adults responded sexually to, get this, getting bitten. Fifty percent of farm boys had sex with animals. Kinsey wrote, "With most males, animal contacts represent a passing chapter in the sexual history." He says with "most males," this is merely a passing fad.

Kinsey introduced the idea that sexuality is on a continuum. He called it the "Heterosexual-Homosexual Rating Scale." [...]

Kinsey was one of the great gods of the sexual revolution. He set men and women free to rut like dogs with no consequences. He was unassailable. According to the legal database Westlaw, between 1980 and 2000, there were 650 citations of Kinsey's work. Major law journals have cited him. So has the Supreme Court, particularly when they imposed abortion on the country.

All that went along swimmingly until a little woman--no more than 5'2--named Judith Reisman came along and almost singlehandedly took Kinsey down. He has never been the same.  

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