April 21, 2021


Officer Brian Sicknick's Accused Assailants Do Not Mention New Autopsy Report in Motion Seeking Their Pre-Trial Release (ADAM KLASFELD, Apr 21st, 2021, Law & Crime)

The day after the D.C. Medical Examiner's office released a ruling finding Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick died of natural causes following the Jan. 6th siege, that officer's accused assailants filed separate motions for pre-trial release. Neither of them mentioned the news of Sicknick's autopsy report finding he died from two strokes, not homicide.

In fact, the two motions by attorneys for George Tanios and Julian Khater--running a combined 48 pages--do not mention Sicknick's name at all.

"It is hard not to think of the events that unfolded on January 6th and not have a visceral reaction - particularly, as rioters entered the Capitol Building by breaking windows and ramming open doors," Khater's lawyer Joseph Tacopina acknowledged in a 28-page brief filed on Tuesday. "But Julian Khater was not one of them. He never entered the Capitol Building, never sought to threaten members of Congress, and never intended to forcibly interfere with the peaceful transfer of power. Instead, the act attributed to him was a limited and isolated one, that never transgressed the barrier that lay directly before him."

That alleged act was spraying a canister of bear spray at Sicknick and two other officers. Prosecutors never alleged Sicknick's assault caused his death.

Khater does not appear to deny the assault outright in his motion for bond...

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