April 4, 2021


Netanyahu's far-right allies seethe after Islamist MK's call for cooperation (Times of Israel, 4/04/21)

A primetime speech by Ra'am party chairman Mansour Abbas, in which he called for political cooperation between Jews and Arabs, drew praise from some left-wing and right-wing politicians on Thursday night.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's far-right allies, however, were seething, with Religious Zionism leader Bezalel Smotrich reportedly refusing to take the premier's phone calls to discuss the prospect of forming a right-wing government supported by Ra'am. [...]

Ra'am could possibly put either Netanyahu or his opponents over the 61-seat mark, crowning the next premier. But right-wing politicians, both in the pro-Netanyahu bloc and the anti-Netanyahu bloc, have ruled out basing a coalition on the party's support, due to what they say is an anti-Zionist stance; others have accused Ra'am of supporting terrorists.

Opposition is strongest in the pro-Netanyahu bloc which includes the far-right Religious Zionism party.

Imagine that: a corrupt pol who doesn't actually share the beliefs of the followers he exploits for personal gain? 

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