April 27, 2021


Human Rights Watch: Israel committing 'apartheid' crimes against Palestinians (Deutsche-Welle, 4/27/21)

In a report published Tuesday, Human Rights Watch (HRW) accused Israel of pursuing policies of apartheid and persecution against Palestinians.

Omar Shakir, the watchdog's Israel and Palestine director, said the report was "the starkest finding HRW has reached on Israeli conduct in 30 years."

The 213-page document alleges that Israel is committing the crime of "apartheid" by seeking to maintain Jewish domination over Palestinians and its Arab population.

Israel's Foreign Ministry has rejected the claims as "both preposterous and false."

The reported violations apply to Israeli treatment of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, the blockaded Gaza Strip and annexed east Jerusalem, as well as of Arab Israelis -- a term referring to Palestinians who stayed on their land following Israel's creation in 1948.

The report drew on years of human rights documentation, analysis of Israeli laws, a review of government planning documents and statements by officials.

It summarized that there was a "present-day reality of a single authority, the Israeli government ... methodologically privileging Jewish Israelis while repressing Palestinians, most severely in the occupied territory."

HRW executive director Ken Roth said "the oppression of Palestinians there has reached a threshold and a permanence that meets the definitions of the crimes of apartheid and persecution."

Far-right Party Leader Smotrich: 'Arabs Are Citizens of Israel, for Now at Least' (Jonathan Lis, Apr. 26, 2021, Ha'aretz)

"Arabs are citizens of Israel, for now at least, and they have representatives at the Knesset, for now at least," far-right political leader Bezalel Smotrich said on Monday, doubling down on his vehement opposition to a potential government backed by Islamist party United Arab List.

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