April 9, 2021

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Leaked Chats Show 'White Lives Matter' Movement in Shambles After Antifa Infiltration (Tess Owen, April 9, 2021, Vice News)

Just days before a series of White Lives Matter rallies were to take place in cities across the U.S., the movement has fallen into shambles after antifascists posed as event organizers and lured unsuspecting racists to join several fake Telegram channels. 

On Thursday, the administrators of the "White Lives Matter" channels for Seattle and New Jersey suddenly changed their avatar to an antifa flag and revealed themselves to be a "honeypot," created to draw in extremists and glean information about them. The "NYC White Lives Matter" channel followed suit.

This marks yet another major setback for the White Lives Matter movement, which began organizing "The March for White Lives" on the encrypted messaging platform last month. Since announcing the IRL rallies, the movement has been plagued with paranoia, intrigue, and infighting--as well as a general lack of interest from prospective attendees. What's more, VICE News has obtained leaked chats from a private White Lives Matter admin channel, suggesting that antifa infiltration at the highest levels was even worse than organizers thought.

All comedy is conservative. 
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Proud Boys Lose by Default in Historic Black Church's Lawsuit Accusing Them of 'Terror' and 'Vandalism' (ADAM KLASFELD, Apr 9th, 2021, Law & Crime)

Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, who was arrested on the day Metropolitan A.M.E.'s lawsuit was filed, appeared in court on Friday without a lawyer. Tarrio has until April 30 to respond to the claims filed against him personally. Proud Boys International, LLC did not appear in court and had a default judgment entered against them.

Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under, an advocacy group representing the historic Black church, announced both developments following a hearing on Friday morning before D.C. Superior Court Judge Heidi Pasichow, whom the lawyers say issued her ruling of default from the bench.

"Today's ruling was a victory in favor of decency and against violent racism," the committee's acting president and executive director Damon Hewitt wrote in a statement. "The lawsuit was filed with the purpose of holding the Proud Boys and their leadership accountable for their campaign of racist violence, which they perpetrate with impunity. We will continue to move forward with this case to ensure justice is served so that the Proud Boys and similar groups are put on notice that they are not above the law."

Rev. William H. Lamar, IV, the Metropolitan A.M.E. Church's pastor, added that the Proud Boys "share the white supremacist DNA of so many groups that came before them."

And then they wonder why no blacks vote Republican.

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THE BLUE BRAND (profanity alert):

Cops Caught on Video Holding a Black Army Lieutenant at Gunpoint, then Pepper-Spraying Him (Emma Ockerman, April 9, 2021, vice News)

Caron Nazario was driving his newly-purchased Chevy Tahoe home when two police officers pulled him over in Windsor, Virginia, whipped out their guns, and started barking orders. 

With their weapons raised, the officers demanded that Nazario, a Black and Latino man, get out of the SUV. Nazario, who looked in the mirror and saw he was being held at gunpoint, placed his cellphone on his dashboard to film the December 5 encounter. He repeatedly asked to know what was going on. At one point, he even admitted to being afraid to leave the vehicle.

"Yeah, you should be," one of the officers responded. 

Nazario, a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army Medical Corps, was coming home from work and in full uniform at the time.

Doing the job the way the Trumpists want it done. 

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Biden's innovative idea for tackling skyrocketing housing pricesHousing prices are out of control. Biden's infrastructure bill could be the first step -- of many -- to changing that. (Jerusalem Demsas,  Apr 8, 2021, Vox)

A dozen pages into the fact sheet for President Joe Biden's infrastructure plan, he marks a growing shift in Democratic orthodoxy and a new plan for zoning reform:

Eliminate exclusionary zoning and harmful land use policies. For decades, exclusionary zoning laws -- like minimum lot sizes, mandatory parking requirements, and prohibitions on multifamily housing -- have inflated housing and construction costs and locked families out of areas with more opportunities. President Biden is calling on Congress to enact an innovative, new competitive grant program that awards flexible and attractive funding to jurisdictions that take concrete steps to eliminate such needless barriers to producing affordable housing.

You'd be forgiven if your eyes glazed over at "minimum lot sizes" and "mandatory parking requirements," but in this paragraph is an acknowledgment that the seemingly mundane local rules that govern what and where houses can be built have had devastating effects on the American people.

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China's factories automate as worker shortage looms (Evelyn Cheng, 4/09/21, CNBC)

Factories in China are turning to technology to tackle a pending labor shortage.

Per official figures, the country's working age population has shrunk by more than 5 million people in the last decade as births have dropped - despite a rollback of the controversial one-child policy.

And for the factories that have driven much of modern China's growth, workers are already in short supply, pushing wages up. That's forcing companies to relocate or increase automation, especially as the labor shortage looks like it will only get worse.

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Kim Jong Un likens North Korea's economic troubles to catastrophic 1990s famine
(Catherine Garcia, 4/09/21, The Week)

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Thursday compared his country's economic struggles to the devastating 1990s famine that left hundreds of thousands of people dead.

The Korean Central News Agency reports that while speaking to lower-level Workers' Party of Korea members, Kim said there are "many obstacles and difficulties ahead of us," and it's up to everyone in the WPK to "wage another ... arduous march in order to relieve our people of the difficulty, even a little." Earlier in the week, he told party members the country is facing its "worst-ever situation."

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Whither The Multiracial GOP? : Black voters in Georgia have no reason to take Republican officials at their word. (MATTHEW WALTHER, 4/09/21, American Conservative)

There is no point in dissembling. Republicans in Georgia are responding to the loss of two Senate seats and to the results of the last presidential election by trying to undo the electoral advantages conferred upon their opponents by universal mail-in voting and other changes. Specifically, they are hoping to dismantle the remarkably efficient turnout machine engineered by Stacey Abrams, whom too many of them dismissed as a hapless kook after she insisted that her own defeat in the 2018 gubernatorial election was a result of widespread irregularities.

If 2020 showed us anything, it was that Abrams was not wrong in insisting that Democrats were capable of winning statewide office in Georgia if conditions on the ground were altered. In response to this, Republicans have decided to live up to their established public image by passing legislation that (whatever its proponents say to the contrary) is straightforwardly meant to suppress the African American electorate, which was ultimately responsible for their losses in the fall.

Whether it will succeed is of less importance than what it tells us about the nature and scope of Republican ambitions. Here I should say that I have no naive opinions about the value of the franchise or the metaphysical dignity of participating in what is fondly described as "our democratic process." But it does seem odd to me that after months of talk about Trump's extraordinary gains among black and Hispanic voters, Republicans are effectively dismissing their own advice here.

It is one thing to say that the future of the GOP is a "multiethnic, multiracial, working-class party." It is another to act as if you expected it to happen, and another still to behave in such a way that suggests you wish it to be so. As far as I can tell most Republican elected officials in Georgia haven't got the faintest interest in attracting African American voters who are inclined to agree with them about social issues ranging from abortion to same-sex marriage to gun rights. Rather than try to compete with the new Abrams machine by reaching out to marginalized communities (especially black voters in rural areas) and building the sorts of broadly diverse coalitions that statewide victories require when voter turnout is high, Georgia Republicans would rather lose black votes on their own familiar terms.

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Video shows Texas GOP official seeking 'army' of volunteers to monitor polls in mostly Black and Hispanic Houston precincts (Teo Armus, 4/09/21, Washington Post)

In a leaked video of a recent presentation, a man who identifies himself as a GOP official in Harris County, Tex., says the party needs 10,000 Republicans for an "election integrity brigade" in Houston.

Then he pulls up a map of the area's voting precincts and points to Houston's dense, racially diverse urban core, saying the party specifically needed volunteers with "the confidence and courage to come down here," adding, "this is where the fraud is occurring."