October 8, 2020


Lincoln Project the Latest to Find Seniors Jumping Ship From Trump After His COVID-19 Diagnosis (ADRIAN CARRASQUILLO,  10/8/20, Newsweek)

The Lincoln Project is the latest group to find seniors souring on President Donald Trump after his COVID-19 diagnosis, a development that threatens to derail his reelection effort with just 26 days remaining before November 3.

Beyond running ads on Facebook and YouTube, part of the group's analytics effort includes a sophisticated campaign that serves ads to seniors based on the news they're reading, and the group has seen a marked increase in engagement in Florida,Texas, and to a lesser extent in Ohio from seniors who are reading about Trump contracting COVID-19.

"Once the president got COVID, everything moved with seniors," Mike Madrid, a Lincoln Project co-founder told Newsweek. "We've been investing for months to push that demo when that late break suddenly came."

The data follows a CNN/SSRS poll this week--conducted almost entirely after the president's announcement that he had contracted the virus--showing Biden leading among voters 65 and older by 21 points, with a CNN analysis declaring Biden "well on his way to doing better with seniors than any Democratic nominee in at least 24 years." The 2016 exit poll shows Trump won seniors by seven points over Hillary Clinton.

This drastic change is also what Fernand Amandi, a pollster for Obama during both campaigns, is seeing in Florida, he told Newsweek.

His Bendixen & Amandi firm did a September poll and saw Trump's unfavorables rise 6 points in October. 

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