October 15, 2020


The GOP Is Not Destined to Be Dominated by Cranks (ISAAC SCHORR, October 15, 2020, nATIONAL rEVIEW)

In Delaware, Lauren Witzke is channeling the ghost of Christine O'Donnell. Witzke is the Republican challenger to incumbent Democratic senator Chris Coons, who has won his past two elections by double-digit margins in a state that has not sent a member of the GOP to the upper chamber since 1994. Following in the footsteps of O'Donnell, the controversial candidate who faced off against Coons in 2010, Witzke is doing everything she can to damage not only her own long-shot bid, but the GOP brand across the country.

Last Wednesday, Witzke tweeted "Most third-world migrants can not assimilate into civil societies. Prove me wrong." This wasn't the first time she made plain her disgustingly disparaging views on immigrants. On October 4, Witzke granted an interview to the white-supremacist website VDARE in which she lamented that "people are so worried about being labeled a white supremacist when we are giving our country away to foreigners" before going on to blame them for "dismantling our culture," "taking down our historical monuments," and "voting against our interests." She's also defended the QAnon conspiracy theory as "just a bunch of people who want pedophiles and sex traffickers to be arrested" and insisting that "there's a place" for them in the Republican Party.

Witzke's tweet commanded quite a bit of attention -- Republican loons tend to command quite a bit more than their Democratic counterparts -- and her brief, regrettable moment in the spotlight comes after the nominations of the similarly execrable Laura Loomer and Marjorie Taylor Greene for Congress in Florida and Georgia, respectively. My esteemed colleague Jay Nordlinger, responding to Witzke and recognizing a trend that he and I have both been discouraged by, asserted that "in all likelihood, there will be more of this, not less of it, in GOP and conservative politics." Very rarely do I find myself in disagreement with Nordlinger, but I break with him on this prediction.

The disagreement might be easier to accept if you weren't writing in a magazine that publishes Nativists who laid the the groundwork for Donald--Mark Krikorian, Yoram Hazony, etc.--and is edited by a guy who wrote a book in defense of Nationalism--Rich Lowry. National Review is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

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