October 15, 2020


Trump's Rallies Are Overflowing With Racism: He's inciting bigotry in the run-up to the election. (WILLIAM SALETAN, OCT 15, 2020, Slate)

Scrambling to save his reelection campaign, Donald Trump is trying one last-ditch con: He's pretending to care about people of color. "I love the Hispanics," the president declared last month. "I'm doing so well with African American, with Asian American, with Hispanic American, and with women," he said. But in front of white crowds on the campaign trail, Trump hasn't changed a bit. He's slandering minorities to exploit fear and bigotry.

At his rallies, Trump routinely tells white voters that Democrats would "destroy your suburbs" by installing "low-income housing projects." When critics interpreted this as a racial dog whistle, Trump added a riff about nice nonwhite suburbanites. He was doing OK with that pretense until Sept. 30, when he slipped up at a rally in Duluth, Minnesota. "Thirty percent of the people in the suburbs are low-income people," he blurted out, before correcting himself to "30 percent of the people in the suburbs are minorities."

Another giveaway in Trump's shtick about suburbs is the list of villains he blames for the plot to build low-income housing: Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Cory Booker, and former President Barack Obama. If Democrats were to win the election, he warned at a rally in Ohio on Sept. 21, "You know who's in charge of the program? Cory Booker. Cory Booker. Cory Booker." A week later in Duluth, Trump said he had overruled Ben Carson, his secretary of Housing and Urban Development, to block these "low-income" projects. On Wednesday, at a rally in Iowa, Trump repeated his attack on Booker and his story about overruling Carson. It's not hard to figure out what Booker, Harris, Obama, and Carson have in common.

Excellent pod with Jonah Goldberg this week.  A reminder that Republicans have more in common with Democrats than either has with the Left/Right.

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