October 20, 2020


The Reactionary Nature of Identity Politics (LARRY ALEXANDER , 10/20/20, Newsweek)

Racial groups are artificial constructs because we humans compose one interbreeding species. No matter what racial or ethnic boxes there are to check, when someone from one box mates with someone from a different box, their child will need a new box. Indeed, each of us is that child. As a biological matter, although there are population groups that have been more or less isolated and inbred--a fact that may have some significance for medical or certain genealogical purposes--race is less a biological reality and more an ultimately indefinable sociological one. Do "whites" include both Swedes and Iranians? Do "Asians" include both Japanese and Burmese? And the regimes that have tried to answer such questions authoritatively--think Nazi Germany, apartheid South Africa and the Jim Crow South--are not models any sane society should seek to emulate.

Moreover, and this is the point, no matter how one divides up humanity racially, individuals within those races will vary along any dimension that is socially relevant. Some will be smart, others not so smart. Some will be fleet, others slow. Some will be risk takers, others risk-averse. And the bell curves for these traits will not be identical from race to race, but will be substantially overlapping.

The Reactionary Right has always been Identitarian; it just hasn't had much of a voice in the GOP until Donald.

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